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TrueArt Music CD Productions

*Please note that our CD production service is strictly limited to individuals who have received a formal invitation or have been expressly authorised by us.

Package Details


1-9 Copies

from £49 per CD

including shipping worldwide


10-49 Copies

from £21 per CD

including shipping worldwide


50-99 Copies

from £13 per CD

including shipping worldwide


100+ Copies

from £9.50 per CD

including shipping worldwide

The price include:

  1. Branding: Production of a professional branded CD under our label "TrueArt Music".

  2. CD Production Materials: Physical components required for manufacturing and assembling your final branded CD.

  3. CD Cover and Back Artwork Design: Designing visually appealing and professional front and back cover artwork for your CD.

  4. CD Booklet Insert Design: Designing the booklet insert for the CD case, providing space for additional information, such as biography, program notes, or artwork.

  5. CD Artwork Design: Designing the artwork to be printed directly on the CD surface, creating a polished and branded look.

  6. CD Printings: Printing of the CD label, cover artwork, booklet insert, and other necessary printing requirements.

  7. CD Duplication: Duplicating your music track(s) onto the CD(s) with accurate and high-quality reproduction.

  8. Shrink Wrap: Individually shrink-wrapping each CD for protection and packaging integrity.

  9. Shipping to All Countries: Worldwide shipping services available to deliver the finished CD(s) to your desired locations.

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