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Beatrice Jean Consolata Gobang

London Young Musician World Ranking Top Winner

Beatrice Jean Consolata Gobang (act name: Beatrice Consolata) was born in Jakarta in 2009. She has learned voice instrument since 2017 at The Resonanz Music Studio Jakarta under the tutelage of mezzo-soprano Valentina Nova and since November 2021 under the tutelage of soprano Aning Katamsi. She has learned violin and piano since early age. Beatrice is also member of The Resonanz Children’s Choir Indonesia. She joined World Orchestra Festival 2019 in Vienna. Beatrice has received awards from international and national music festivals, among others, Top Five World Musicians London Young Musician Award Competition Year 2021-22, Festival Indonesia for Indonesian Art Songs, and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize & First Prize Winner of the 2021 Golden Classical Music Awards with her forthcoming winner’s performance in Carnegie Hall 2022.

Instagram: @beatriceconsolata

YouTube: Beatrice Consolata Channel

Beatrice Jean Consolata Gobang
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