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Caroline Lynn Wu

Universal Stars Music Competition Artist Prize Winner:

Chinese harp and Guzheng Youth Soloist

Caroline Lynn Wu is a youth soloist in Guzheng and Chineseharp. After graduating from HKAPA, she furthered her studies in Central Conservatory of Music in China and received her Chinese harp teacher qualification. Ms. Wu is now receiving guidance from Harp maestro Lisa Tannebaum. She also works with composers in HongKong and the U.S to explore the possibilities of composition for both Guzheng and Chinese Harp.

Ms. Wu is also the winner of the Osaka International music competition, Hong Kong international music competition, the International Leopold Bellan competition, the Cap ferret international music festival in and other international competitions. Ms. Wu is the founder of “The Caroline Lynn Guzheng and Konghou studio” to transmit Chinese cultural music to the next generation.

Caroline Lynn Wu
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