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Katerina Oikonomou

World Classical Music Awards 2023 S1 Grand Prize Winner

Katerina Oikonomou is a Greek soprano with a resume that

showcases her talent as a singer and performer. She was

born and raised in Greece. Katerina pursued her passion for

music by attending the School of Vocal Studies & Opera at

the Athens Conservatory, where she honed her skills as a

classical singer. In 2015, she was named the excellent singer

of the year, and in 2019, she received her Diploma graded

'Excellent Unanimously.'

Currently, Katerina is in the production of Magic Flute, at

Harrow Opera, London, as the Queen of the night.

Katerina has received several awards for her singing and

stage presence, including Gold – Grand prize at Word

Classical Music Awards (2023), and the first-place winner of

the American Protégé International Concerto Competition (2022). Additionally, she

won the Golden Diploma for "Stage Behaviour" and the 2nd prize at Rising Stars

Grand Prix International Music Competition Berlin (2021).

Apart from her singing career, Katerina has trained in acting and recitation using the

Uta Hagen technique and the art of contemporary performance under the Marina

Abramovic system.

In March 2023 she was the lead actress in Adrenochrome, the film.

Katerina Oikonomou is a versatile artist that is constantly pushing herself to improve

her craft.

Katerina Oikonomou
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