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Naina Jinga

Universal Stars Music Competition Artist Prize Winner:

Naina Jinga - is a Canadian-Romanian award-winning composer and a classically trained

pianist, who lives, teaches and creates in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Naina was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - a city with ancient musical traditions and the cultural

heart of modern Transylvania.

Naina Jinga began playing the piano at the age of four, performing as a piano soloist with an

orchestra at ten, and writing her first compositions at twelve. She has appeared as a

piano-soloist with Romanian orchestras, in solo and piano-duos piano recitals. She graduated

from the Gheorghe Dima Academy of Music in 1991 (B.Mus) - where she was later appointed as

an Assistant Professor and, in 1998, as a University lecturer. She holds an M.Mus and a Ph.D.

in Composition with a Magna cum Laudae being also the recipient of many international awards

and scholarships, among them, the Romanian Composers’ League Prize and the UNESCO

award and scholarship.

For many decades, Naina Jinga has written extensively in instrumental, vocal, choral, chamber

music and orchestral genres, using the avant-garde language of the 1980s and 1990s

contemporary music, in the style of dodecaphonic, serial, and later, modal music. Her works

were performed in Canada, Europe, U.S. and Australia. Particular attention was given to

children's piano literature. Naina Jinga composed a few comprehensive collections of piano

pieces, of various difficulties, dedicated to all students interested in exploring contemporary

music. These engaging pieces offer everything that children’s hands and imagination can

manage and some of them, can be found in the Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Syllabus

and in the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects Syllabus.

After moving in 2003 to Canada, Naina Jinga attended graduate studies in composition at the

University of Western Ontario, studying with Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski. Besides her career as a

composer, she dedicates her time, energy and knowledge to her students by maintaining an

active music studio, the Do-Re-Mi Music Studio, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she

teaches piano, music theory, composition, singing, being also an appreciated accompanist for

instrumentalists and singers.

In more recent years, embracing a new style - the light classical music with a soothing and so

touching romantic flavour - has won Naina a loyal fanbase and increased worldwide her

popularity. Her music has many different expressions and has been described as sensitive,

touching, deeply moving, lyrical in inspiration, subtle and thoughtful.

Her romantic piano ballads - Dream, Emotions, Tears of Light, Nostalgia, First Kiss or Shall we

Waltz? - won their well-deserved place in Top 10 on Radio stations - while platforms such as

iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, YouTube or Women of Substance Podcast are featuring her


In 2019, Naina Jinga produced and published her album, Piano Dreams, an anthology for solo

piano. It includes 14 piano ballads whose themes express the most universal human emotions:

love, romance, longing, pain, joy.In her own words, the composer describes her piano album as follows: working on these

compositions was a kind of catharsis, and the end result, this album, a triumph over all the

obstacles and hardships I have encountered over the years while she continues to stand by her

adopted motto: We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams ... Dare to dream!.

In August 2021, Naina Jinga became the recipient of the Gold Medal for her piano-ballade

Dream ... at the Inaugural Edition of the Global International Music Competition (in the Versatile

Musician category), a competition organized by Concours International de Musique et Des


In October 2021, with two of her piano ballades - Lullaby for Tomorrow and Tango Interrupted -

Naina became the winner of the Gold Medal at the Inaugural Edition of the Grand Maestro

International Music Competition.

The last months of 2021 made her the recipient of the Gold Award in the Instrumental

Performance - Best Music Composer category (for the piano-ballade Tango Interrupted) and

also in the Instrumental Performance - Best Instrumental Performance Video category (for her

piano-ballade Amalfi ... To Italy with Love) at the Lit Talent Awards organized in the United

States. She became the recipient of the Third Award for her piano-ballade Dream... in the

Professional Musician category at the Red Maple Competition organized in Toronto, Canada.

Naina became the winner of the Grand Prize at the International Youth Music Competition - in

the category Composer/Performer, Singer/Songwriter with her piano-ballade Whispers of Love

and the recipient of the Gold Award and the Artist Award for the same ballade, in the open

category at the Universal Music Stars Competition.

Naina Jinga
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